Do not use this tool for official midterms or finals without first consulting the Office of the Registrar.

Since Brightspace does not currently have an option for Anonymous File Submissions, only Anonymous Grading, this tool was developed to bridge the gap and assist students in maintaining anonymity with assignments that require a file upload. You’ll find this tool is actually stricter than TWEN, and as such, you will not be able to do two things: 1) set up the tool yourself, nor 2) bulk download file submissions.

Default Settings

One link per course, unlimited assignments. 

The link will be posted on your Brightspace course page for you and your students to access.

Multiple Files, Multiple Uploads

Students may submit multiple files at a time, as many times as needed. Late submissions are accepted by default.

All File TYpes Accepted

Whether you’re accepting Word, PDFs, or other file formats, this tool will accept them all.  If you want to limit the types of files accepted, contact Faculty Support.

Feedback and Comments

Faculty have the option of returning feedback files and posting comments from the same tool.  Students are not automatically notified that feedback has been posted.

To customize any of these options, please contact Faculty Support.


Anonymous Submission Tool

Watch this video for an overview of how to:

– Log in

– See Submissions

– Return Feedback files and Comments