Get Started

…in just 4 easy steps!


1. Log in into

2. In the navigation menu, click on Accounts & Tech, and click on Zoom (web conferencing) in the drop down menu


Save time and hassle by downloading the Zoom client before joining your first meeting.

Click the link below to head to the LMU Zoom Download Center!


Once the Zoom client is installed:

1. Log in by selecting Sign In, and select Sign In with SSO

2.When prompted, enter lmula to be taken to the University’s login page to complete your sign-in process!


Once you have completed the 3 previous steps, you can access Zoom through the school’s custom link:

Schedule a Zoom class meeting

If you are teaching a class on Zoom, you are responsible for creating your Zoom Meeting:


Watch as we take you step-by-step!

Gabe provides detailed instructions on how to schedule a Zoom class meeting!

Add LLS Instructional Technology as an alternative host


1. Open up a web browser and enter: (step 4 “Access Zoom” section above)

2. Click Log In


On the Zoom Meetings page, click “Schedule a Meeting

Topic: enter your Course Name (Course ID / Section)

  Description: enter the abbreviation of the days and times your class meets

  When: enter the class date and time, Duration and Recurrence

  Securitycheck the box “Passcode” (you can use the Zoom-generated code) “Waiting Room”, and “Require authentication to join” > LMU Domains

  Videocheck the box Host – on, Participant – on

  Audiocheck the box “Telephone and Computer Audio”

  Optionscheck the box “Automatically record meeting” and “In the cloud” and in Alternative Hosts, add (so we receive a notification of the recording when your class is over)

 Click “Save”

Basic Zoom Requirements

Q: What is the bare minimum needed for Zoom?

A: Two fundamental components to get Zoom running smoothly:

1. A way to view and share video (webcam)

2. A way to hear and share audio (headset or phone)

To find out more of Zoom’s comprehensive system requirements for all devices, click the button below!:

WiFi Connection

You’ll need to connect to WiFi to run Zoom!

If you are experiencing any issues, please click the link below to troubleshoot the problem:

Zoom Blog

Zoom Tips & Tricks

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Zoom Support

Zoom Phone Support


1.888.799.9666 ext 2

Zoom Live Chat Support

*You Must Be Logged Into Your Zoom Account

Click the blue Help bubble in the lower right-hand corner from within your Zoom profile to start a live chat.