Class Recording Policies

Class recording policies are set by each professor at the beginning of the semester.  Each professor’s policy falls into one of three categories:

Policy 1

Recordings of each class meeting will be available on the course website to all enrolled students in the course.

Policy 2

Recordings will be made available on an as-needed basis to any student enrolled in the course who requests them.

Policy 3

Recordings will be made available only upon the professor’s approval.

Note: Class recordings are generally available 24 hours after the course has met. However, due to Zoom processing, recordings may be delayed up to 48 hours. Recordings that require approval may take longer. 

Tips for Class Recordings

Use Chrome or Firefox

The class recording system (and Brightspace!) work best in Chrome or Firefox.

Playback Issues?

Clear your browser cache and also try rebooting your computer. If you have been using hibernate or sleep on your machine, it can mess with your browser settings, so reboot every now and then to make sure everything is fresh!

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