What is it?


Box is the secure, cloud-based document management, collaboration, and file storage service used for individual and departmental work and academic files of faculty, staff, and students on both the Westchester and Loyola Law School campuses.

To learn more about university policies and processes around using Box, please click below.

How to:

Download Box Drive

Box Drive gives you easy-access to all your content, right from your desktop.

As a desktop application, Box Drive provides access to your Box content through Windows Explorer and the Mac Finder without using up storage on your computer. However, you still have the option to mark folders for offline access if desired. To download Box Drive, click below.

Bod Drive on a Mac
Box logo

Box Tools

Formerly known as Box Edit, Box Tools allows you to edit any file, including Office, CAD, and Photoshop, directly from your web browser using the default applications installed on your computer. Files edited this way are automatically saved back into Box! To download Box Tools, visit the main Box download page below.