Follow these four easy steps to upload your files to Box and create a link for posting in Course Materials on TWEN.

You can access Box through

1. Create a folder for your files

To create a folder, click on New, and then select Folder and enter a name for your folder. Some users like to create a single folder for a class and then create multiple sub-folders to organize content while others prefer to have one folder with as many files as they want. Either way, start by creating a folder.

2. Upload your files

Click the Upload button and select File. This will open your computer’s files, and you can navigate to where your files are. This is similar to adding an attachment to email.  Use Shift+click or CMD-click to select multiple files for upload.

Note: Some browsers support drag-and-drop, so you can drag your files into the window, and they will automatically start uploading.

3.  Create a link

Hover over the file or folder you want to link until the Share button appears. Click to open the share settings, and use the toggle to enable Share Link. Change the settings to People with the link and Can view and download. Use the Copy button to copy the link for step 4.

Note: If you want to require your students to be logged in before seeing the file/folder, you can select People in your company.

4.  Post to TWEN

Go to Course Materials on TWEN and click the Add button. Select Add a link. In the next window, you can give your link a title and description, but paste the link copied from box into the field titled Link URL.  Click Save to finish adding the link to your Course Materials.