New to Brightspace?

Start with the quick 4-minute video on the left to get a basic overview of Brightspace’s navigation and layout.

Training Sessions for Fall 2021 will begin in early August. If you have questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact Instructional Tech.

TWEN to Brightspace

Want to switch from TWEN to Brightspace? We have prepared this guide to assist you with setting up your first course home page along with instructional design tips and best practices.

Getting Started

Please click on a tile or icon below to learn more!

Starting Setup

Post your syllabus and Zoom Class Link for the semester an create your first Announcement.

You can email your entire roster from within Brightspace!  A copy of the message will be sent to you.

Content is where the substance of your course will reside. Whether these are documents, videos, links, discussion forums, etc…

Setting Up Office Hours

You can use the Calendar in Brightspace to set up basic office hours. Or, you can use Groups for basic sign-ups. Click the links for detailed instructions.


Coming soon.

Assignments in Brightspace

You can find the assignment option under Assessments.  Please note that Brightspace cannot accept anonymous assignments per law school standards.

 If you have anonymous assignments, please contact Faculty Support to get set up with the Anonymous Assignment Tool.

Additional Guides

Visit the ITS webpage for more Brightspace information!